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Tesla Increased the Prices for Solar Roof Tile Drastically

Tesla’s solar roof tiles now cost as much as 70% more. The price increase was first reported by Electric last in March 2021. The American fossil fuel and electric transportation news site received multiple reports from the customers about the dramatic increase in Solar Roof Tiles. Electrek, which is also a customer waiting for the […]


COVID-19 Challenges Climate Change Goals in the US

The coronavirus disease, or COVID-19, has challenged the normal life in the US. Before this pandemic, climate change was a big issue for discussion. Now, with this public health crisis, this takes a back seat. Most states can’t meet their goals to end climate change this year. Public health and economic setbacks kept everyone aside […]


Solar Energy & PCB Challenges

Solar energy innovations are slowly but surely expanding. As much as solar energy increasingly looks to be a viable green alternative to less eco-friendly alternatives, however, it does still face challenges. Some of these challenges were outlined in a previous post here on the advantages and disadvantages of solar power — the disadvantages including issues […]



This is the only event that’ll connect developers to capital and solar/storage projects. On its 7th edition, the conference will feature case studies and agenda that’ll provide expert market insights. Network opportunities will also be discussed to present the latest trends and opportunities in the solar and storage market. Date: 29-30 October 2020 Event Location: […]



This PV CellTech and ModuleTech events will be held in Malaysia this coming October 12-15 that’ll focus on the advancing technologies for capital investments. Date: PV CellTech, 12-13 October 2020 PV ModuleTech, 14-15 October 2020 Program Description: On CellTech, an expanded upstream scope will also be held. This will cover talks from major wafer suppliers, […]


Solar Street Lighting Market Can Expand up to 20% in Four Years

A new research from Global Market Insights revealed that the solar streetlights market is predicted to grow up to $15 billion in 2024. The next five years will see the need for alternative, sustainable energy sources, which in turn, drives the market up by 20% in total shares. Solar street lighting worldwide is either standalone […]


Solar Power’s Capacity to Transform Low-income Neighborhoods in America

The increased production of solar power can transform low-income households in America. This is possible through the latest innovations and affordability of solar cells that will permit commercial production. In a Science Daily posts, claims of solar cells made from tin can make the technology cheaper and more adaptable. This is according to a paper […]

Solar Panels Review

Make Your Roof Generate Power with Solar Shingles

Photovoltaic shingles are solar panels that resembles a conventional roofing material. They’re known to perform core task of generating electricity like any solar panels. Solar roof shingles are unique and popular renewable energy solutions, too. They are also long-lasting and produce maximum power output of up to thirty years. Size-wise, they are like traditional roof […]

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