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Earn money, save money with Solar Electric panels / modules, otherwise known as Solar PV (Photovoltaic). Solar installations have never been cheaper, whilst electricity bills have never been dearer. Now is the time to consider a solar panel installation on your roof. Whilst the Feed in Tariff has dropped 3.5% on April 1st 2014, since October 2013 the price of electricity from British Gas plus 9.2%, SSE plus 8.2%, nPower plus 9.3%, (130% in the last 10 years). So in fact tariff has dropped by £10 per year on a 4kW system, but increase in electricity prices have added another £26 to an average bill. For our customers, the greater conventional energy costs mean greater savings for them. Now is the time to earn money from the Feed In tarrif and save money on your electricity bills!

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Residential Solar PV What are my options? At Solar Energy Alliance we have no allegiance to any one manufacturer, we prefer to evaluate all of them and compare advantages or not, in either cost, reliability, warranty or performance. Over the last two years we saw a trend to buy the cheapest available, indeed we went along with the pack and brought in several containers full of low cost Chinese modules.

Recently however we have seen a shift to the higher end of the market place with customers requesting better performance with longer warrantees. Initially it was, "what is the best value in £s per Watt peak of PV module ratings?", Now it is, "How many kW hours will this system give me over the next 20 - 25 years? and can you guarantee that?". In other words we have seen a much more discerning buyer; just as when buying a house, we do not just say, how much will it cost? We say, how much will it cost to run? Over the next few years it may be hard to crystal ball energy prices, but we can quite accurately predict the performance of a solar PV system.

Also we ask ourselves, what else do I buy that I expect to last more than 20 years? The answer is, apart from a few items, our homes and buildings, are the only things we expect to last that long. It makes sense therefore to put something on your roof that you can expect to last, with confidence. Our aim is to keep up with the latest developments in our industry and supply you the best products at the best value.

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Solar PV, Inflation Proof Energy. Conventional electricity prices have risen 110% in the last five years. Solar now beats the cost of domestic daytime energy from any of the big six energy companies. Solar is the cheapest it has ever been. Coal, oil, gas and nuclear will only increase in price.

For all energy customers, electricity from solar PV is now cheaper than electricity generated from oil, gas, or nuclear, supplied by any of "the Big 6" electricity companies! A 4kW Solar PV system will cost under £6,000 inc VAT at our basic level, this will produce approx 79,000 kWh (units of electricity) over 25 years, including allowing for panel degradation over this time (.07% per year). £5,795 divided by 79,000 = 7.3p/kWh. Many customers are currently paying over 17p/kWh. So Solar PV is less than half that and fixed because the bill has been paid upfront in the cost of the installation.

As fossil fuels continue to be consumed faster than we are able to find new sources, prices for energy will continue to rise. Just imagine what the prices might be in 10 years time? Those of us who have fitted solar PV will look back knowing our system has easily paid for itself several years ago and that we have at least 10 years of free daytime energy to come.

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