Ubiquitous Energy: Solar Panel on Your Windowpanes

Ubiquitous Energy: Solar Panel on Your Windowpanes

Any homeowner wants to enjoy a home that allows natural light to illuminate their homes. That’s why most houses have taller windows that let it as much outdoor light as possible. But this is not the case during summertime. Cooling can offset AC costs and lets in more heat during this season. This is where a transparent solar window comes in.

Ubiquitous Energy has recently developed windows that are energy-efficient and generates power. Through solar energy, the windows help households get positive energy production. This can help cooling and lighting costs especially during summer.

But how does it work? Ubiquitous Energy’s 14×20 inch window, which is the most typical size for a commercial building, develops energy through UV. Wires connect the windowpanes to the power source that flows electricity through outlets.

Their Redwood City HQ was the first testing site for the solar windows. It generates enough power and offsets their electric costs they use in their conference room. If it weren’t for COVID-19, they would have had proceeded with the next phase of the program. Although the ubiquitous energy source is still in the development stage, there is still a lot to expect in the future.

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