Renewable Energy ROIs: Should Governments Invest in Solar or Hydro?

Renewable Energy ROIs: Should Governments Invest in Solar or Hydro?

Renewable energy source has its benefits that any entity can take advantage. Everyone in the world can enjoy green energy without causing damage to the environment. These sources are on tight competition for private investment or government projects.

With solar and hydro power, it is normal to wonder which is the best renewable energy source for governments?

Solar Electricity

Solar power entices public planners because of its affordability and efficiency. Yet, the sun isn’t going to last long according to space scholars. Also, it isn’t every day that the world gets sunshine. In fact, there is roughly 12 hours of sunlight depending on the seasons.

Nonetheless, this energy source system has great advantages. Large-scale solar farms can provide some size advantage than hydropower. With landlocked countries, solar power is much viable.


Like solar, hydropower is green and sustainable. The best part of it is that there is no time limit for water to generate power. The only drawback is its cost factor. Water can erode hydropower generators and dams over time. Also, water sources can dry up, and hydropower plants aren’t as portable as solar panels.

Which is the best?

Both energy sources are costly and need extensive cost and maintenance. Yet, having hydropower and solar power together can provide more electric power to areas abundant of water and the sun. Truly, power generators’ efficiencies depend on where they’re built. Nonetheless, a combination of both can do great with promising return of investments.

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