Tesla Increased the Prices for Solar Roof Tile Drastically

Tesla Increased the Prices for Solar Roof Tile Drastically

Tesla’s solar roof tiles now cost as much as 70% more. The price increase was first reported by Electric last in March 2021. The American fossil fuel and electric transportation news site received multiple reports from the customers about the dramatic increase in Solar Roof Tiles. Electrek, which is also a customer waiting for the product, also reviewed their quote a few months ago and found out that it was only $54,966, but by March, the price estimate is now around $80,000 to $100,000.

Customers of the upcoming solar roof tiles from Tesla have expressed their disappointment after receiving an email that indicated the price just went up for up to seventy percent. The recent price hike is due to the adjustments and complexity of each of the roof tiles.

The Solar Roof Tiles are an innovation in the solar power industry. The main advantage of these solar shingles compared to the regular solar panels is that you will be able to place them on your roof without ruining your home design aesthetic. With solar roof tiles, homeowners will save up to around 40% to 70% on their electric bills.

Some customers have waited for the product for more than a year now and have even signed a contract that already has the pricing quote. One customer shared his agreement from Tesla nine months ago that he only has to pay around $77,000 for everything, but now the price has hiked up to $118,870. Customers waiting for the installation of their Tesla Solar Roof Tiles have even spent hundreds upon thousands of dollars to prepare their homes for the installation.

Elon Musk said that he is willing to refund every customer that does not want to continue with the agreement.

So far, Tesla has not made any comments regarding the issue.

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