What You Need to Know About Solar Lamp Post to Brighten up Your Yard

What You Need to Know About Solar Lamp Post to Brighten up Your Yard

Have you always wanted to enjoy the beauty of your yard during after-hours? Or you’re just interested in beautifying it with some post lights? This article will serve as a guide to choosing your desired solar lamppost-set-up.

Compared to regular lamp posts, solar lamp post lights have a lot of advantages. One such benefit is the ease of installation since wiring and connecting to an electric grid is unnecessary. Another benefit is that the lamps’ electricity is produced on-site, and this allows for flexibility in its placement- electricians are not needed for the installation process.

They are low maintenance, and since they self-produce their electricity, the only source of expense is buying the post itself. Solar lamp posts are also a good option for green-living as they are environmentally friendly and minimize your carbon footprint.

Solar Lamp Post Lights: How Do They Work?

 These lights are composed of minute solar PV cells that are charging a battery. It is this battery that powers the lamp bulb. When the surroundings become dark, an automated light sensor turns on the unit. Some posts have an added on/off switch.

With a range of seven to twelve hours, a solar lamp post light can last averagely for about seven hours if charged for a whole day. Some posts come with switches to alternate the brightness; the lower the intensity, the longer the lamp can run before it needs charging again. Some of the batteries used include; Lithium-ion, Nickel-metal Hydride – because of their durability.

Solar Lamp Post LED Bulbs

Solar lamp post lights use LED bulbs. Some people believe that electric lights are brighter than LED bulbs, but with the hasty advancement of technology, that is no longer an issue. Additionally, LED lights are more durable than electric lights and have a service life of about thirty years. The typical arrangement for a solar lamp post is 6-12 LEDs per lamp.

Don’t neglect to take note of the material that the lamp post is made from. It can be plastic, metal, or wood. The choice of what material to purchase is based on personal preference.

Installation of Solar Lamps

Included in your solar lamp-post purchase is a manual with directions on how to install it properly.

The first step is to choose a location for the installation of the lamp. Since it is solar-powered, the place for installation should be adequately sun-lit. Some solar lamp posts have separate solar panels.

In this case, the lamp can be placed anywhere and connected to the solar panel, placed in a sunny place. In placing your lamps, the lights should be at a distance from each other to ensure no overlap in the light circles. To achieve this, estimate the length from the lamp post to the corner of the light it emits – this should be the shortest distance between the individual lamp posts.

In the video below, you will see how easy it is to set up a solar light in your yard:

Final Words

If you’re looking for a cost-effective and eco-friendly way to brighten up your yard, then solar lamp post lights are definitely for you.

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