Introducing the Apollo GEM Generated Energy Management system

Micro-generation systems are at their most efficient when all of the energy produced is used at the point of generation, i.e. within the household where the generator is sited. This results in the minimum possible use of imported energy.

There are many systems on the market which monitor your generation system and allow you to see how much energy is being generated and how much is being used at any given time but getting savings from these systems relies on you to adjust demand to match supply. Since generated energy (supply) and demand change minute by minute throughout the day achieving the balance is near impossible and completely impossible when you are not at home.


GEM is a product that continuously monitors energy supply from your generation system and household energy demand and automatically, second-by-second, adjusts demand to balance supply.

The way GEM does this is by storing excess generated energy which is not required by the household appliances as heat in the hot water cylinder rather than allowing it to be exported to the grid. Every unit of power used to heat the hot water in this way reduces imported energy by the same amount resulting in a significant saving in imported energy costs.

Most micro-generation systems often produce more power than can be used directly in the household with the result that the surplus is exported to the electricity distribution network. The current FITs scheme for systems under 30KW assumes that 50% of all power generated is exported to the grid. During the summer months PV installations in households which are unoccupied during the day could be exporting 90% or more of the energy generated. GEM automatically uses any surplus energy available to heat your hot water instead of exporting it. This means you don't have to pay to import power later for water heating, and with hot water heating costs amounting to 25% of some household energy bills that's a big potential saving.

Even more good news is that because export energy is not metered but assumed to be 50% of all energy generated you still continue to get the export tariff on half of all units generated by your system even if GEM ensures that no energy is actually exported!


What's more, the lower the FITs rate that applies to your system the higher the savings as a proportion of the system income.

Apolllo GEM can be simply retro fitted to existing solar PV installations as well as installed with new PV installations.

Free hot water from solar PV

If you own a solar PV system its is probable that 50% or more of the electricity generated will be exported, that is given away, to the electricity grid.

The Apollo GEM is an innovative solar energy management product that will use all the surplus power generated by your PV system to produce hot water. Every unit of power used to heat the hot water in this way reduces imported energy by the same amount resulting in a significant saving in imported energy costs.

GEM will work with any solar PV system and uses a standard immersion heater to produce free hot water. The advanced GEM controller ensures maximum usage of PV power that would have been exported. The system is simple to install and will not affect your feed-in tariff payments. GEM works with wind generation systems too!

Apollo Solar Electric have been providing innovative energy management solutions since 2001 and with the introduction of the GEM product line we can offer a cost effective energy management solution for domestic micro-generation systems and solar PV hot water systems.

Apollo Solar Electric products are designed and manufactured in the UK enabling us to offer a first class product help and support service.

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