The immerSUN monitors the electricity which is about to be exported to the grid and diverts it to the immersion heater. It then automatically directs any excess generated electricity, not used by the house, to the immersion heater in the hot water cylinder. If the load from the house increases, eg. the washing machine is turned on, the immerSUN will reduce the amount sent to heat water to help you maintain independence from the grid.

immerSUN's Key Benefits:

  • Heats water from your PV system or Wind Turbine

  • Effectively adjusts power levels to the immersion heater, keeping the exported power at virtually zero

The consumer no longer needs to be at home to use the free electricity, whatever the weather

  • No need to change the immersion heater

  • Suitable for all electrical microgeneration systems

  • Built-in hot water boost timer

  • Manual hot water boost function

  • LCD display shows energy saved, output power and operating mode

  • Dual immersion heater control option

  • Internal multi-function relay in-addition to the modulated power output

  • Up to 4 devices can be daisy-chained for master / slave operation

  • MODBUS RS485 interface for system expansion and external data logging

  • Internal thermal protection

  • 3 year product warranty

Now with the use of an immerSUN you can have PV Water Heating, – you can ‘heat your water for free’ using your own green energy. Surplus energy from your PV panels can be diverted to heat your water using your immersion heater, turning your PV system into a solar hot water heating system.

Optionally, the surplus free and green energy can be used to heat your rooms using storage heaters, infra- red panels, electric panel heaters and electric under floor heating.

The immerSUN PV water heating system is a simple and straight forward option to heat water and your house with solar PV panels. In essence the immerSUN hot water contoller is a solar water heater.

Additionally the immerSUN can cascade the free energy to a second heat source; e.g the immerSUN can divert your free PV energy to storage heaters, electric underfloor heating or electric panel heaters once the first source is satisfied.

The immerSUN PV water heating works by monitoring your PV export and when it sees that you are exporting your free energy it redirects the free PV energy to your immersion heater or other heating source.

Note that the immerSUN hot water switch is a modulating device and will not allow your heating source to import energy from the grid unless you use the built-in boost feature which can be switched on manually or by timer and will switch off manually or automatically like any timer used to control your heaters.

Once your hot water thermostat is up to temperature, the immerSUN solar hot water switch will direct your free PV energy to a second heating source, so you can use your free PV energy to heat a room with a storage heater, Infra-Red Panel or electric under floor heating.

The immerSUN PV water heating system checks the first source of heating regularly, to ensure that it is kept up to temperature.

You do not need an immersion heater to take advantage of your free PV power from the immerSUN; it will happily work on the other heating sources without an immersion heater as long as they are on their own fused circuit.

The immerSUN is NOT a simple solar switch, nor is it a PV relay switch but is a modulating solar water/heater controller.

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