Ampair has been manufacturing high quality renewable energy power systems in the UK for almost forty years. Ampair wind and hydro turbines are renowned internationally for their durability in extreme environments. With nearly 30,000 systems sold to date, Ampair turbines and hybrid power systems are currently providing power to equipment in virtually every country and ocean on the globe. From Alaska to the Antarctic, the Solent to the Sahara, you will find Ampair turbines and hybrid power systems providing trouble-free power.

Ampair 100

Key Specifications

Power Rating

5 amps 12V at 10m/s

Voltage Option

12 , 24 or 48 V DC


Rectified DC

Start-up Windspeed

3 m/s (6 knots)

Turbine Diameter

928mm ( 36.5”)


Glass filled polypropylene


Die Cast Aluminium


12.5 kg

 Ampair 100 spec sheet pdf

Ampair 100 manual pdf

Ampair 100

The Ampair 100 is a heavy duty, 100 watt turbine for boats and remote off-grid charging.  First developed in 1973, it has evolved to become the most rugged and dependable product on the market. 


The Ampair 100 Wind Generator is a special heavy-duty alternator driven by a three-foot diameter rotor with fiber reinforced polypropylene blades.  It was developed in response to requests for wind generators that can operate in extreme conditions with little or no maintenance for years on end… mountaintop scientific and microwave instruments. coastal sites, remote homes and world cruising yachts.  At a high wind speed, it makes a makes a maximum of 100 watts per hour, or 2.4kwh per day.

Ampair 300

  • Powerful - Aerofoil design minimising noise and optimising performance, power is maintained even in high wind speeds.
  • Protected - includes PowerFurltm mechanical blade pitch control technology, allowing safe turbine
  • Operation in much higher wind speeds than turbines with electronic speed control systems.
  • Robust - Proven heavy duty marine grade design incorporating Ampair's four decades of continued innovation.

Ampair 300 data sheet pdf


Technical Data

Nominal power

300 Watts

Rated wind speed for nominal power

12.6 metres per second (25 knots, or 29 miles per hour)

Cut in wind speed

3 metres per second (6 knots, or 6.9 miles per hour)

Thermal cut out


Survival wind speed

Storm proof

Rotor diameter

1.2 metre

Number of blades


Blade material

Glass reinforced polyester (GRP)

Rotor Speed

500-1400 rpm

Generator type

Permanent magnet, three phase with external rectifier (rare earth neodymium magnets)

Nominal voltage

12 volt DC or 24 volt DC or 48 V DC

Speed regulation

Blade pitch control above 13 metres per second (27 knots, 30 miles per hour)

Power regulation

Blade pitch control above 13 metres per second


Generator short circuit (optional 'stop' switch)


10.5 kg


Die cast aluminium (powder coated)


White with red hub (other colours available on request)

Rotor thrust (at 20 metres per second)

160 Newtons

Ampair 300

  • 300 W Battery Charging Power 12V or 24V models
  • High-Tech design of the Ampair 300 combines modern styling with low visual impact and non-intrusive operation.
  • The accurate aerofoil construction of each turbine blade minimises noise and vibration optimising performance and improving the power to weight ratio.
  • Integral sealing system protects internal components from condensation and corrosion.
  • A powerful, low-speed alternator converts the turbine motion to 3 phase AC electricity.
  • The vertical pivot gives current pick-up through slip rings and weather cocking via a balanced direction fin for upwind performance.
  • Simple pole mounting allows easy fit to any mast or tower.
  • Power outputs are continuous.
  • The Ampair 300 operates without the need for thermal cutouts, chokes, commutator brushes or complex control electronics








Ampair 600


Powerful - Exceptional performance in both low and high winds
Controlled - PowerFurl tm pitch control technology allowing continued operation in high winds.
Quiet - Rigid blade design prevents vibration and noise associated with 'floppy' blades
Durable - Ampair's legendary marine grade build quality and four decades of continual innovation


Ampair 600 datasheet pdf

Ampair 600 is the latest micro wind turbine from Ampair. Built on the same platform as the renowned Ampair 100 and the newer Ampair 300 it has a 1.7m diameter blade optimized for low and medium speed winds. It is suitable for larger yachts, industrial & scientific locations, or remote holiday cabins. Like all Ampair products, the Ampair 600 is built to full marine grade specifications. It incorporates the PowerFurl™ system first seen in the Ampair 300 which slows the turbine down in high winds, reducing noise and mounting system loads. The advanced aerodynamic blade design minimises vibration optimizing performance and improves the power to weight ratio. The rigid blade design avoids noise like “whooping”, “motorboating”, or “screaming”, (vibration, resonance, and flutter).

Technical Data

Type Ampair 600
Nominal battery voltage 24 or 48V DC
Power Rating 720 Watts at 11.0 m/s (24.6 mph) windspeed
Output 3 phase AC - external rectifier in regulator
Start-up Windspeed 3 m/s (6 knots)
Over speed protection

Blade pitch control and dump load

Brake Generator short circuit (optional 'stop' switch)
Turbine Diameter 1700mm
Blades (3) Glass reinforced polyester (GRP)
Housing Die cast aluminium (powder coated)
Weight 16kg
subject to change without notice

The Ampair VW-50 battery charge regulator has been especially produced to be used with an Ampair 600 wind generator. It is available in 24V or 48V and suitable for all common lead acid battery types. The VW-50 is pre-wired in a steel cabinet suitable for wall mounting. It includes rectifier, 3-stage PWM charger, dump loads, run/short switch, ammeter, voltmeter (24V only), battery fuses and overvoltage protection relays.

When the batteries have reached their maximum charge voltage the regulator circuitry automatically diverts the wind turbines surplus power to the dump load resistors. Thus, even with batteries fully charged, the generator continues operation and provides useable power as soon as an electrical load is applied. A parking switch is incorporated and can be used to stop/ park the generator by turning it to the “STOP” position. The charge light indicator informs the user about the status of the regulator.

    Ampair are frequently selected for harsh weather locations, such as for oilfield and pipeline relay stations in Alaska, by Cable and Wireless in the Falklands, by British Antarctic Survey and the USGS for polar research, and by utilities such as Shell, ConocoPhillips, SSE, Vattenfall or Pacific Gas & Electric, as well as private individuals and government agencies worldwide. All Ampair turbines are marine grade and are manufactured by Ampair in the UK
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