Is Solar Agriculture Able to Save the Modern Farming Industry?

Is Solar Agriculture Able to Save the Modern Farming Industry?

Solar agriculture, by definition, is using solar panels to enhance farming capabilities. It also makes energy use and production more efficient. This is best seen in small-lot farms to offset electricity bills. Solar agriculture reduces fossil fuel consumption and provides continuous support to existing operations.

Fraunhofer Institute in Germany released findings on their researches about agro-photovoltaics. They found a 160% increase in farm productivity during their experimental operations. This is based on their monitoring in the Lake Constance region. The experiment was compared to the non-dual use operation in the region.

On the downside, solar agriculture can be costly, especially in terms of installation and maintenance. The setup is fragile and requires operation efficacies. One wrong step or mishap on the farm and the solar panel systems will be jeopardized altogether.

Nonetheless, this isn’t the only technology looked upon to modernize farming. Artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and unmanned vehicles (e.g. drones) are also promising technologies.

The forecast of modern farming is a visible horizon of various technologies. Yet, the need for human intervention is still essential. The management of farms need human expertise, especially in operating the integrated technologies. Nonetheless, new dynamics in modern farming wouldn’t be so bad at all.

Solar panels may not be the solution, but it’s the best start for a better future in the agriculture sector.

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