COVID-19 Challenges Climate Change Goals in the US

COVID-19 Challenges Climate Change Goals in the US

The coronavirus disease, or COVID-19, has challenged the normal life in the US.

Before this pandemic, climate change was a big issue for discussion. Now, with this public health crisis, this takes a back seat. Most states can’t meet their goals to end climate change this year. Public health and economic setbacks kept everyone aside to attain goals this year.

“While it is the right priority”, said Ken Pedotto, Solar Simplified CEO, “it takes away the focus on renewable energy.” He iterated the challenges if everyone neglects climate change. He adds that it will lose its momentum and focus on anything that isn’t COVID-related.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo even had to let go of the impending plans to focus on the pandemic. He advocated a 20-year plan on renewable energy projects. It is time lost for use to speed up on the zero-carbon emission electricity program.

Nonetheless, Pedotto feels positive that, even on the COVID setbacks, the governor will be able to do the projects. He can catch up and fulfill the twenty-year plan to sustainable energy. New York could even become the example for the United States in forwarding renewable energy programs.

The solar panel industry is also struggling because of the pandemic. Most oil industries will have to find other ways to get by and ask the federal government for a bailout plan.

However, it is important to note that COVID-19 has had a positive impact on climate change. With most countries and US state’s implementing the “stay at home” orders, the carbon emissions have drastically reduced.

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