Year: 2021


Solar Energy & PCB Challenges

Solar energy innovations are slowly but surely expanding. As much as solar energy increasingly looks to be a viable green alternative to less eco-friendly alternatives, however, it does still face challenges. Some of these challenges were outlined in a previous post here on the advantages and disadvantages of solar power — the disadvantages including issues […]

Solar Panels Review

What You Need to Know About Solar Lamp Post to Brighten up Your Yard

Have you always wanted to enjoy the beauty of your yard during after-hours? Or you’re just interested in beautifying it with some post lights? This article will serve as a guide to choosing your desired solar lamp post-set-up. Compared to regular lamp posts, solar lamp post lights have a lot of advantages. One such benefit […]


Tesla Increased the Prices for Solar Roof Tile Drastically

Tesla’s solar roof tiles now cost as much as 70% more. The price increase was first reported by Electric last in March 2021. The American fossil fuel and electric transportation news site received multiple reports from the customers about the dramatic increase in Solar Roof Tiles. Electrek, which is also a customer waiting for the […]

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