A Review on Transparent Solar Panels

A Review on Transparent Solar Panels

Photovoltaic glass makes its way as the most cutting-edge solar panel technology. It promises a game changer in the expansion of solar power generation. This glass can generate electric power from anywhere they’re built on, whether on windows, roofs, or even on smartphones.

There are many ways to deploy the transparent solar panels. From full-glass skyscraper windows to device panels for gadgets, they can reproduce electricity for their intended purposes. It has the potential to turn anything integrated with it into a solar power producer.

Recent Developments on Transparent Solar Panels

Michigan State University researchers created the first transparent solar concentrator back in 2014. This glass panel can turn any glass sheet into a photovoltaic cell.

Recently, Heliatek Gmb developed an almost transparent solar panel that can absorb approx. 60% of sunlight. It may not be efficient but adjusting the balance on absorbed sunlight can increase solar power generation.

Solar panel blinds are among the ingenious home setup that can enjoy this technology. SolarGaps’s solar panel blinds can reduce energy costs by 70% or 100W of power for every 10 sq. ft. of window space. They’re easy to install and positioned using an app that’ll display energy generation figures too.

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